The hunt for project 11

Every business goes through slow periods and the renovation game is no different. The first four months of 2017 was a slow and challenging time for us. After settling on Seymour Terrace in February, we appeared to hit a drought and it took a while before we finally got a break.

Over March and April, Karen and I travelled from property after property. We inspected more than 50 properties in that time and we saw and experienced it all. For Karen, who’s been in the renovation business for quite a while, this was just a usual “day at the office”. For me, it was a bit of an eye opener. We looked at everything – beautiful single owner homes that were like walking into a 60s time capsule, homes with cracks so big I could have crawled through them and ex-rental properties that were missing walls and doors or had been “decorated” by the tenant with a spray can.

During all of these inspections, we did find little pieces of gold and put in a dozen offers but after being knocked back on all of them and missing out at two auctions, we were felling pretty down.

And then we found O’Sullivan Beach Road (affectionally known as Sully)….

Situated in Morphett Vale, Adelaide sits this great three bedroom home. When Karen called me about it she said “you’re gonna like this one” and followed it up with three of my favourite real estate words: Basket Range frontage.

The Basket Range frontage is a classic look in Adelaide that never seems to date and is always popular with buyers. While a lot of renovators will render the front of older properties, the Basket Range frontage is one you restore.

It ended up that Sully was our drought breaker and since then we have gone on to secure another four properties which shows how quickly things can shift when it comes to renovating and flipping.

Keep an eye out on the blog and our social media for updates not only on Sully but also the details on the new projects.



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