A sad time

Unfortunately, at some stage many of us will have to deal with having to manage the estate of a deceased loved one.

Managing the affairs/estate of a recently passed family member can be a hugely stressful process. Losing a parent, sibling or other significant person in your life is devastating enough without then having to deal with the many aspects involved in managing their estate.

Being the executor and/or beneficiary of an estate can be a stressful, involved and time consuming role. One of the major challenges is dealing with the belongings and property of the person who has passed away.

Sorting through possessions accumulated over a lifetime can be a sad, time consuming or overwhelming task. In addition to treasured possessions may well be decades of “stuff” or outright junk.

Often the properties themselves can also be a challenge. The home may well be in original condition (think 70s yellow and brown kitchens, pink bathrooms and lots of wallpaper) or neglected and in need of serious TLC.

There can often be conflicting views among family members as to the best way to sell the home and who will take responsibility to bring the home to a "market ready" condition while beneficiaries and executors deal with their own busy lives.

Several of the homes we have purchased in recent months have been deceased estate properties such as Seymour Terrace and Kingston Avenue. In both instances, Rainmaker Property was able to offer a fast and stress free solution to the challenge of moving on the family home. All had been owned by the deceased for many years, several having been lived in by the same family that built the homes around 50 years ago.

We purchased the properties on a “walk in, walk out” basis, which meant family members could take anything they wanted, with our renovation team then dealing with anything left behind.

While deceased estate properties are often a target for developers, many families are keen to see the homes that their parents built – and that they grew up in – retained.

As experienced renovators, nothing is more fulfilling than giving a tired home a new lease of life, transforming the home into something that new families can enjoy.

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